Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Boys Farm and Robert Tornello featured in Oceanfront Magazine

Robert Tornello recently met with Tampa-area writer Mary Jo Melone and showed her around the growing (and ever-growing!) facilities at 3 Boys Farm. The result was a terrific article in this month's issue of Oceanfront Magazine, shown above. You'll save your eyesight if you head over to the magazine's website to read it, though (click the link, then enter page 9 at the bottom): Oceanfront Magazine.


  1. Dear Mr.Robert S.Tornello, I'm Arvind from India and i have done my degree in electronics and communication i have saw your farm-in-action in YouTube and i was totally moved with your innovation and responsibility in environmental promotion. I would like to get your guidance on establishing a same set-up in India to help and develop farmers in India. Here water scarcity & electricity shortage is a biggest problem and here we don't have any proper and effective solutions applied to these problem hence the farmers here are suffering a lot. I would very much like to get in touch with you personally if you allow me to, and please send me a reply, i will be waiting to read your reply. my email id is Please sir i need your guidance desperately, i do bare responsibility to uplift my country as a engineer. I hope u understand my intentions on developing my society as you do in your country.

  2. Hi, Robert, I'm an engineer from India, getting trained in industrial and process automation solutions. I was moved by your work at tampa and hope that I too would be albe to replicate a similarity of your work in m,y country, India. No work is perfected unless its guided by the perfectionist. I request you to help me make a model project plan; by providing me with details of Investments, Production, Assets, Technology and Profits of your project, If it is ok with you. Hope to hear from you soon.
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